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Women, Power, Action Group ⚡

A hub for sharing advice, techniques, and support in activist pursuits and social change. If there is an issue you feel strongly about or you want to make a difference, we hope you'll join us. We hope to gather anyone who believes in grassroots initiatives, whether you've been doing this for years or you have no idea where to start. The group is open to any marginalized gender, including women.

a large purple paper in the centre of a table has "WOMEN, POWER, ACTION GROUP" written on it. There are mandalas, photos of activists, flowers, and unlit candles arranged in rings around the paper.

Hosted at the St Raymond Community Centre, which has ramps and an elevator

Important information about the group


Every other Wednesday evening


Snacks and tea offered


Free childcare on site


One STM bus pass offered to each adult


English, French, and Spanish 

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